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Many people remember owning a Pelham Puppet when they were a child.

Many however went on to make puppetry their career as a direct result of that.

This is the legacy of one man, Bob Pelham and this video sets out to describe his achievements.

He developed a company that at its peak was the largest employer in Marlborough which went on to influence the lives of so many people which it is still doing today more than forty years after ceasing production.

The film includes reminiscences from those that were influenced by him, performances, stories and archive footage never before seen.
Two identical versions have been produced : a standard DVD which can be played on any dvd player or computer and also a high definition blu-ray version playable on a computer or blu-ray player.

Please make sure you select the correct version you would like to order

Pelham Puppets – The Never Ending Story (Blu Ray)

SKU: 284215376135191
  • BluRay PAL Video 16 x 9 Format

    Region coded Area B

    Exempt from Classification

    Running time 42 mins plus 1 hour 2 minutes of bonus interviews

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