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Why Join the Guild?

The British Puppet Guild has brought together puppeteers, model theatre performers and enthusiasts of both for almost 100 years. Our membership covers all genres of puppetry; glove, hand, rod, shadow and marionettes. Whether you perform on television, on the stage or in a booth or you may just enjoy watching puppets and Toy Theatre shows and finding out what’s going on in the sector, there’s something for everyone in the Guild! So what are you waiting for? Read about us here and join the largest puppetry organisation in the UK today!

 Just before you do that, read what two of our members said about why they joined the Guild. 



         "Being a member of the Guild gives me a sense of community, network and support within the UK Puppetry world.  I became a member of the Guild, because I believe in changing the face of puppetry and puppeteers in the UK, by challenging its diversity, and inclusion within the puppetry world in 2023 and beyond. I believe the Guild will help and support my vision; therefore, I am excited to move into the future with the Guild."


                             - Jess Parker-Hewitt (Parker Puppetry)

Jess Parker Hewitt
Joseph Rickwood


         "I find out about current puppetry events and historical information in the newsletter and enjoyed meeting other puppeteers at events. Members have been welcoming and generous with their time and encouragement as I am just beginning my involvement with Puppetry. I became a member in 2020 (aged 10) because I had an interest in the Muppets at first and started collecting my own puppets. The more I looked into Puppetry, the more I found out about different forms of Puppets. Being a member of the Guild helped me link up with puppeteers, to enjoy Puppetry and develop my skills gradually." 

                - Joseph Rickwood

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