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John Carr

John Carr OBE and his family performed as The Jacquard Puppets between 1933 and 1970.  They used very small marionettes (12 to 14 inches tall) - a feature very much in their favour in the early days of television, when they appeared in 21 live TV broadcasts from Alexandra Palace in the 1930s. All the figures were carved with consummate skill by John and costumed with loving care by his wife, Eva.

Carr 1.jpg

The company of 100 marionettes were operated by John & Eva with their 4 children, Marjorie, Nancy, Barbara and John junior. Their repertoire included melodrama, circus, short sketches and variety. John was a vice president of the British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild and extremely involved with all Guild activities until his death in June 1971, aged 87. 

During the war years in particular, John was described variously as "the axle around which the Guild wheels revolve" and a “tower of strength” for his tireless efforts in keeping the Guild alive and active during such a chaotic time. John’s marionettes were a highlight of most Guild exhibitions and events throughout his lifetime and he was much admired and respected by his puppetry contemporaries. Buster Stavordale, writing in the Puppet Master in 1971 described him as “a source of inspiration and fine example to us all. The Guild has much to thank him for.”

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