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Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson is an active puppeteer based in the U.K. After first being inspired by Punch & Judy shows and the Jim Henson productions on tv, Lee began putting on puppet shows for local children in his area from a young age where he would lip sync to popular songs at kids birthday parties At 19 Lee undertook his first professional puppetry job and hasn’t looked back since.


For 10 years Lee created personalised puppet DVDs that featured his puppetry characters telling stories and songs that featured the child's name and interests. This not only gave Lee experience as a puppeteer but also allowed him to develop his editing and production skills. Lee has undertaken puppetry training from Muppet performer Mike Quinn, who very generously taught Lee the subtleties and advanced puppetry techniques (check out Mike Quinn’s ‘Secrets of Puppetry’ training to find out more). 

Over the last couple of years Lee has taken on projects with organisations based in America, India, Thailand, Iran and New Zealand. Creating corporate, music, comedy and educational puppet videos. Lee has also won awards at puppet film festivals and remains an active part of the U.K. puppetry community.

Lee Thompson TV and Film Puppeteer

Lee also produces personalised puppet messages and greetings on Cameo, Celeb VM and Memmo. He has a Patreon account that allows followers to see exclusive videos that aren’t shared on social media and has a range of merchandise featuring his puppet characters available to purchase.

Lee is a member of the British Puppet Guild’s Council, and helps update the Guild’s social media platforms and regularly hosts the online Guild events.

Please do follow Lee work's on any of the below platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Or check out Lee's work on his Website

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