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Chris Kendall

Chris is a puppeteer and puppet builder based in Buckinghamshire, UK.  A passionate fan and supporter of puppetry who grew up on fantasy worlds and characters created by the late great Jim Henson.


Puppets and puppetry have been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. However, it has only been in the last ten years that he has made a conscious push to turn a passion into a profession and has found himself leaning more towards puppetry for film and television. During this time, Chris has been very fortunate and grateful to have been involved in some wonderful projects.


Recent screen puppetry experience has included assisting on the “Puppet Aid” music video for 2021’s Children In Need, where he assisted in doubling for Gordon the Gopher in group shots, assisting with various hands. He also wrangled for the shoot.

Chris was also very proud to have been a part of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, where he was credited as an additional puppeteer for all ten episodes in the series.



Part of what he loves is the feeling of being able to help keep nostalgic characters alive and current; characters like the previously mentioned Gordon the Gopher.

In 2021 Chris was also very proud to have been able to perform Sooty on a number of projects that will be released soon.

Puppets that Chris has built have been seen on CBeebies, Britain’s Got Talent, several commercials and numerous music videos. 

Ventriloquist acts, including the brilliant Max Fulham and Kevin Cripwell, also use puppets that he has built as their signature characters.

The industry would mean nothing if it wasn’t for the wonderful people that dedicate their lives to the art form and welcome newcomers with support and encouragement.  On that note Chris would like to thank his mentors Phil Fletcher and Warrick Brownlow-Pike. He is extremely grateful for all of their guidance and time.


If Chris had any advice for those starting out it would be to not put yourself under pressure to achieve everything all at once. Baby steps is definitely the way forward. Take the time to learn, listen to advice from those who know and be friendly and helpful. 

Above all, have fun. That’s why he does what he does.  Because it’s a lot of fun.

Details about Chris Kendalls’ current projects are on social media 

Chris’s full CV can be found on his website

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