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Ash White

Everybody's favourite Mashed Potato eating Badger is Back. 

Sadly Simon Bodger (Andy Cunningham) passed away in 2017 leaving Badger and Mousie in the loving hands of Andy's sister Tessa.  With no official merchandise available fans were left only with YouTube clips and very fond memories of the crazy duo. Now Thanks to Tessa Cunningham and The Andy Cunningham Estate, Badger has been officially Mashed together with his new flat mate Ash and is ready to Smash it once more. 


Ashley White who has been a singer and entertainer for over 20 years started recreating his own tribute version of Badger during lockdown to help his Autistic son Toby. The puppet helped Toby to cope with the enormous change which affected us all at that time. Helping Toby understand the new masked way of life and trying to get back to some kind of normality which for any child was extremely difficult, but especially difficult for a child with high functioning Autism.

Ash decided to extend his little Badger tribute act to social media and to other children with special needs after lockdown, and soon his crazy mashed potato flinging videos were an instant hit on TikTok and Facebook, bringing Bodger and Badger fans back together once more. In September 2022 Ash was officially given the opportunity to puppeteer and voice the original Badger puppet, bringing him back to life. This was very moving for both Ash and of course Tessa who had not heard Badger since her brothers passing. Badger and Ash now called 'Bodgers Badger' are preparing to entertain fans young and old by appearing at Glastonbury Kidzfield in June 2023.

Crazy potatoes.

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