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The Guild promotes all aspects of the arts of Puppetry & Model Theatre, supporting the Puppet and Model Theatre community and retaining our important heritage.


The Guild welcomes anyone interested in Puppetry and Model Theatre. We host regular in-person and online events, which is a great way of meeting, connecting and networking with others who have a passion for Puppetry and Model Theatre. One of the benefits of being a member is becoming a part of that community. You'll experience opportunities to find training, develop as a performer, talk with and meet like-minded people who are passionate about these fabulous art forms.

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On our membership page you will find a package to suit everyone. Members receive a bi-monthly newsletter detailing forthcoming events and offering opportunities to share news of your work and learn about what others are doing. Annually, we produce The Puppet Master magazine, which showcases interesting events from the past year and allows our members to learn more about what is current in the world of Puppetry and Model Theatre.

History, News and Events

In 1925, our founders laid out the foundations for a friendly organisation with the objective of sharing knowledge about our art. This remains the cornerstone of the Guild today. You can learn about our history and details of planned events in our events section. And we can’t forget The National Puppetry Archive, which the Guild supports. Visit the History section, where you can learn about some of Britain’s Puppetry and Model Theatre treasures. 

In our online shop we have entertaining and informative DVDs produced by the Guild, which offer insight into the history of puppetry.

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Social Media

The British Puppet Guild is very active on social media. We help promote and celebrate our members by sharing their posts, promote their productions and showcase one of our members each week. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.
Keep an eye on our social platforms as we regularly post puppetry jobs, advertise upcoming productions and share the latest puppetry news from across the UK!

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