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Samuel Pearson

Samuel Pearson is an actor, performer and puppeteer. He is currently based in North East Lincolnshire and seeks work across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & North East Lincolnshire. Samuel studied at the University of Lincoln and obtained a 1st Class Degree in Drama & Theatre in 2020. He is a member of Equity and sits on the union-wide Young Members Committee. Since March 2022, he has been a volunteer Critical Friend at Lincoln Arts Centre.

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He developed an interest in puppetry after attending a week of children's theatre workshops run by Kazbah Theatre (Andy Evans). Following the workshops, he was cast as a puppeteer for Kazbah’s debut show Cap’n Fishcake and His Fabulous Fish Fingers. In the show, Samuel operates the two fish finger puppets: Bake and Grill. Following the show, Samuel worked on the award-winning short puppet film Power Of Love (Bristol 48hr Puppet Short Film Challenge - Puppetry Award and Audience Choice Award winners), Cap’n Christmas and Rudolph and as a puppeteer for a music video: McShane and Shaw’s Plastic is Everywhere.

At the latter end of 2023 to early 2024, Samuel received development funding from North East Lincolnshire Council’s Create North East Lincolnshire. The funding was used to help establish Samuel as a puppeteer and build a bank of resources for the early start of his career. This included memberships to the British Puppet Guild and Puppeteers UK. Samuel then trained with: Kathleen Yore (Odd Doll Theatre - director, puppet builder and performer), Natasha Holmes (Tell Tale Hearts - writer, director, performer) and three zoom sessions with Sophie Powell (puppeteer, performer, maker and theatre practitioner) using a set of Puppet Box puppets purchased with funds.

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Throughout 2024, Samuel continues to work with Kazbah Theatre.

Samuel hopes to keep developing as a puppeteer alongside his acting work. He looks forward to connecting with fellow puppeteers at BPG events.






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