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Jack Fawdry Tatham

Jack Fawdry Tatham is the great grandson of Pollocks Toy Museum founder Marguerite Fawdry. In 2023 the museum sadly had to close its doors in Fitzrovia due to an issue with the building. The trustees of the museum are now looking for a new location.


Pollock's Toy museum history dates back to the heyday of the toy theatre in the mid 1800s, and contains a huge collection of model and toy theatres, as well as a range of puppets and toys from all over the world. 

The museum is a continuation of Mr Pollock's Victorian toy theatre publishing & printing business, and the Shop still designs, publishes and makes Toy theatres. Jack is a printmaker and can print toy theatre material off the original copper and zinc plates as well as creating new ones.


Like a recent commission to create a new model theatre for the museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Cornwall. Jack's specialty is printing Toy theatres, but he has also been know to perform the odd show here and there!

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