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Melissa Stanton

Melissa started out as a theatre actor, cutting her teeth in old fashioned Weekly Rep, but over the years has branched out into TV, film, and puppetry. She worked as a 'right hand man' to Sooty for 20 years on his theatre shows.  Her TV puppeteer credits include Pets (Fit to Fill productions) and Hunter and Twerp, Scripture Seekers (Christian Kids tv) for which she also voiced several characters.


During lockdown in 2021 Melissa started producing puppet films of her own making, for which she has won multiple awards. Melissa also has 30 years’ experience of Costume Character work, for stadium tours, theatre shows, live events, television and film work. She got to work with an original design Henson Studios made puppet for a film production for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Melissa works with many styles of puppets, and took a course at The Little Angel Theatre to learn the skills of marionettes, after which she started to work with Shaun Winter Marionettes and has been working there for 11 years. Please take a look at some of Melissa's work on her YouTube channel

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