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Dirk & Barbara Reimers

The Reimers' collection of vintage  paper theatres, paper models and picture sheets is displayed at the local museum in Preetz, Germany, but with their own paper theatre, Pollidor, they have staged well over 30 plays. Their small theatre hall seats up to 14 spectators. In 1988 they founded the Preetzer Papiertheatertreffen Festival, making wonderful contacts globally. The festival is always on the second weekend in September. Many friendships have been made there, alongside very special meetings with their friends from the UK, who they miss greatly. 


Peter Baldwin, for example, often returned, and was very much appreciated by them. At their traditional private farewell breakfast at the end of the festival he told them: "When I am in Preetz it is always very relaxing for me." They met George and Mary Speight in France at a paper theatre festival. The night before they had seen a long performance by Alain Lecucq and sat with the couple in the second row. The next morning at the breakfast table, Mary asked them, "Did you understand the play?”  “We didn't." they replied. "Neither did I said Mary.”

A special highlight on the last day of the Papiertheatertreffen was always the eagerly awaited appearance of Peter Peasgood. Sylvia was his patient assistant during performances. Sometimes she herself was surprised because Peter always brought in something new. Initially, the Reimers staged paper theatre plays based on old patterns and appropriate scenery, and their daughters and friends spoke the text with them on a tape. They wrote the lines for these plays themselves, made part of the scenery and notably Barbara designed the figures. 

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