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Biannually the British Puppet Guild seeks out nominations for an exceptional Marionettists. “The Harlequin Award for Marionette Manipulation and Presentation” is presented to the one person deemed to have best advanced the cause of the marionette, by their expertise in manipulation and presentation.

 • Nominees must be of British nationality but don’t have to be a       member of the guild

• Names may be proposed by any recognised member of the puppet fraternity. A puppeteer can also nominate themself.

 • The nomination must be supported by two puppeteers,      or     people with an interest in puppetry, who have seen the candidate in performance and submit a comprehensive analysis of their skills.

Closing date for nominations in 2023 was 31st July which gave the adjudicators time to see the nominated candidates in performance, either in person or digitally, and make their final judgement.

The Harlequin Award
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